[]nOboDy knOws iT bUt mE[]

iLL bE teLLing yOu my seCrts dAt nOboDy kNws onLy mE! weLL, dOes anYboDy hiR kNows mE aLrDy?.. hIr it gOes.. im niCoLe aLesSandrA niXeE guErRa maCapiL i pRfeR tO caLld as "niX" fRom iLigan shiTty [cty oF waTerfaLLs!] bOrn oN oCtobEr 27, 1990 -sCorpiO- im stiLL 16 yRs oLd! stUdynG aT la saLLe acDmy! 4tH yR. hiGh skuL pA, oF coRs! hEight: 5'2 wEight: 82 bsTa, diS wuD bE mY seCrt diaRy fOr nOw oN.. shHh.. iTs a secReT, sO kiP iT.. jUst tHe tWo oF us knWs diS hUh?.. *wiNk*

Saturday, July 08, 2006

ahHaAm.. my fAvoRite sOng evEr!
liZen ebRioNe..
-yOu maDe mE stRongeR-
Is it hard to believe Im okay
After all, its been a while since you walked away
Im way past crying over your finding someone new
You turned my days into bright
But now I see the light
And this may be a big surprise to you
(But/Cause) youve made me stronger by breaking my heart
You ended my life and made a better one start
Youve taught me everything from fallin in love
To letting go of a lie
Yes, youve made me stronger, baby, by saying goodbye
If youd rather believe Im not over you
Go ahead-theres nothing wrong with making believe
I know cause I used to pretend youd come back to me
But time has been such a friend
Brought me to my senses again
And I have you to thank for setting me free
(Repeat Refrain)
Think again
Dont feel so sorry for me, my friend
Oh, dont you know
Im not the one at the losing end.
(Repeat Refrain twice moving into higher notes till fade)
You made stronger by saying
]wOoOhH! isNt iT niCe?.. dOnt u liKe iT?.. ehEe.. kiP iT secRt! umWaAh..[